Configuring an API Client with my Credentials

(Alan Cancelino) #1

Hello Everyone

I’m new to all this been studying about Dwolla for 2days now and i must say its wonderful

But my problem is i don’t know how to configure an API Client with my credentials given to me in the sandbox, i don’t even have the slightest clue of it. I even searched on google i go bunch of results (as usual) but none on Dwolla.

Then i moved to youtube i only got one video about the Sandbox mode on Dwolla but this didn’t help because the video is 3yrs old and alot has changed on Dwolla’s sandbox mode. Though it’s more easier the old way

So i’ll really appreciate if i’m being put on the right path on this, before my head blows off lol

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Alan_Cancelino, The SDK support section in the API docs should contain information on how to instantiate the client with your sandbox credentials. There should also be information in the READMEs of each of these client libraries. Reply back if you are still running into issues and we can take a closer look at your Dwolla related code!