Files on Github

(Demarcus Thomas) #1

The files on github are not working. How can wget the API files

as we tried to set up the platform om server but the files that Dwolla is providing is not working…

so we are not able to test the sandbox payment feature

(Stephen Ausman) #2

Hey Demarcus,

Which files are you referring to? Did you receive any error messages?

(Demarcus Thomas) #3

Hello Stephen,

The API and SDK which we have tried is not working.How to create sandbox
account and test.

(Stephen Ausman) #4

You can create a sandbox account here. Once you’ve created an account you can visit the applications page in the sandbox dashboard to get your API credentials. You can then use those credentials to configure the API client.

(Demarcus Thomas) #5


(Stephen Ausman) #6

No problem! Let us know if you have any further questions.