Creating a joint account

(Prakash S L) #1


i created individual account for me and it is working fine, then i need to create a joint account with my friend. How can i create joint account in Dwolla, because i already used my email address for individual account creation, same email address can’t use in dwolla i think.
If i know how can i create joint account it would be helpful.


(Prakash S L) #2

Can i get response for this please?

(Spencer Hunter) #3

Are you looking for multi-user access into your Dwolla account @Prakash_S_L?

(Prakash S L) #4

I am looking for two things.

  1. How can i create multiple accounts with same email?
  2. Multi user access for single account (joint account).


(Spencer Hunter) #5

Hi @Prakash_S_L, We don’t yet have support for multi user access into a single Dwolla account. That being said, this is something we’re actively working on supporting! In addition, you cannot create multiple accounts with the same email address as it’s a unique constraint in Dwolla.