Multiple Customers with the same email address

(Christopher Simmons) #1

Is there any way to create multiple Customers with the same email address? There’s no reason for my application to disallow two users with the same email address, and requiring unique email addresses would complicate my code.

If not, would you consider changing your API to allow it? FWIW, Stripe allows it.

EDIT: Alternatively, if I could not specify an email address–or a name, for that matter–when creating a Customer, that would be ideal.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Christopher_Simmons, Not at this present time. Email is currently a constraint on accounts created and would need to be unique across all of your users created as Customers in the Dwolla system.

We would definitely consider changing the API to allow multiple accounts with the same email and is something that has been requested by other Dwolla API consumers. Great feedback, I’ll be sure to pass along this request to our Product team!