Duplicate Email

We have a use case where we may have both customer & business accounts for the same individual. In many cases our business partners use their personal email for their business accounts. This will lead to attempts to create Dwolla accounts with a pre-existing email.

Does Dwolla have any plans to remove the requirement for a unique email in Dwolla accounts? Many of our business customers are not tech-savvy and it’s going to be large hurdle to have them create extra email accounts for the sole purpose of using our service.


Hi @Sevada – I’m afraid we do not have in our current roadmap to remove this requirement. However, there is a workaround to this that needs legal approval from Dwolla’s side to be enabled for your account. We can flip on an account setting that will let you create Customer accounts with no email.

Basically, how it would work is -

  1. You would have to create these Customers by appending the correlationId field (which would be a unique constraint)
  2. User submits their phone number (which is a required field; does not have to be unique) instead of their email address.

If this is something you’d like to move forward with let me know and I can get you in touch with our customer excellence team who can facilitate the conversation with our Legal team to find out if this setting/workaround applies to you!

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@shreya is using email forwarding with Operational Notifications disabled also still a viable workaround as you said here in May?

Hi @abe – Thanks for linking that thread! Yup, that is also still a viable workaround!

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@Sevada if you’re interested in an easy solution to this problem, we’re building no-code and low-code managed Dwolla onboarding at Corinth. Email forwarding is one feature - just check the checkbox in the dashboard (no-code) or set the API flag (low-code) when creating an Account to enable and we’ll generate an email forwarding address to use for your Dwolla Customer.

We’re still in beta, and have a lot of polishing to do, but we’d love to have you kick the tires early.

(Onboarding is just the start btw - we plan to add other commonly-requested features like scheduled and recurring transfers)

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