Receive Only account - email address requirement

(Peter) #1

Hello, we have been working to integrate the Dwolla API into our mobile app. Our scenario is that we have an unverified A) user account that will be making payments to B) an unverified receive only non-user / partner account through our C) Verified Master account (company account). Account A will have an email address, but in all scenarios there will not necessarily be an email address to associate with the receive only (B) account.

Yet, the API requires that an email address be added to the receive only account. Is there a way around this? It also prevents the (A) user account from inputing their email address as Dwolla sees it as a duplicate email address.

I don’t see the API as being practical for our application if the B account (receive only) account requires an email address in every case. Can we make the email address parameter “not required” in our instance? Other options?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @chorezapp, A contact email address is a standard requirement when creating users in Dwolla, however for receive-only users it is less of a requirement and more a recommendation. As a workaround you could look at appending some unique identifier to a standard email address since email is a required field in the API. I do have this logged as Product feedback to pass along to our team, however for the time being email is a unique constraint and a requirement in order to create a Customer record.

(Peter) #3

Thanks. This would be confusing for end users. Could you see about letting us beta an exception here? It would mean the difference between us signing up ($$&&) and not. Please check on this. It would only be for receive only users.


(Peter) #4

Or, could we somehow prepopulate the field with dummy data, but hide that field in app from end users? I’m open to creative workarounds.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

@chorezapp, For the receive only user, passing in some additional meta information about the user in that field would be okay with us as a workaround. This will likely be reviewed by our compliance team for approval and final sign-off. The email field isn’t something that would need to be exposed out to your end users. You could do something like

(Peter) #6

Thanks, Spencer. I’ve actually registered a new domain as a collector / catch-all so that we aren’t cluttering up our domain or any other random domain with junk traffic. The domain will handle this email traffic only. Thanks for getting creative about this, and we’ll submit our workflow for review. Cheers!

(Peter) #7

To clarify - does it need to be a unique value each time? (my dev team indicated they thought it did). If so, we can pull in a unique address each time.

(Spencer Hunter) #8

Yes, It does need to be a unique value each time. Keep in mind that since these are white labeled Customer records in the Dwolla system then you’d take over the requirement of notifying your users. Dwolla won’t send emails to the email address tied to this Customer record so there shouldn’t be a need on your end to setup a valid mailbox for receiving notifications.

(Peter) #9

Perfect. Thank you.