E-mail notification from Dwolla in production

Hi all,

We are about to go live and have been doing pre-production testing with Dwolla for receive-only payments. We built this functionality into our app as a white-label. How it works is users sell their items and we keep their funds to either buy items or let them transfer the money earned from selling to their personal bank account.

In production, this works perfectly to create an account, a bank account and transfer money from our house account based on what they’ve earned selling to their personal bank account.

However, we haven’t seen any email notifications from Dwolla for account creation, bank account creation or money transfers. Our understanding was this would automatically happen. Are we misunderstanding this and we need to configure the API to tell Dwolla to initiate email notifications? And if so, where in the API documentation is this explained?

Lastly, on a couple of the test accounts we are using in pre-production before we turn on the live switch to the public we use “email+1@gmail.com” to test multiple accounts without having to create new email accounts.

Any help, advice or further clarification I can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @scottvv2 ,

Have you taken a look at perhaps implementing webhooks for such events? A webhook subscription sounds like the solution you are looking for.

In the sandbox, we typically keep the email notification setting untoggled to prevent from sending a notification to someone’s real email who is unrelated to Dwolla. However, a webhook subscription is required in production.

You can learn more about webhook events here

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more help!

Hi @scottvv2 ,

Some additional updates on this. Receive only customers are limited to the emails they can receive by law. They would only receive emails regarding their bank account (added/removed) and the transfer related emails.

I also just got word that these emails were toggled on for you in your production account this morning, so you should be good to go. Let me know if anything else comes up!

Thank you Kelly!


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