Custom product on Dwolla Platform (No ACH)

I just joined this nice forum and looking for assistance from Dwolla product consultants on the feasibility to build a custom payment product on Dwolla’s platform. This solution CAN NOT use ACH.
I have a design in mind and need an expert opinion on doability. Thank you!

Hi @Alexila, Feel free to shoot me a DM on here and I can try to assist with any questions you may have!

Hi Spencer.
Thx for the prompt response. I’m working on a non-reversible RTP solution for user account funding for high-risk businesses, such as cross-border and crypto connected MSBs. The use case assumes that the sender and recipient is the same person. Because of the high-risk nature of the above businesses, ACH can’t be used. I’ve been talking to Plaid, because they have already built 80% of the solution by connecting to all US banks via API. But their responses are quite slow. What I need to research os the possibility to enable internal banking settlements using Plaid’s API and Dwolla processing to make payments within the same bank, internally, instead of triggering ACH. This way, instant, and non-reversible payments possibly can be achieved. Yes, the downside will be the necessity of having accounts in multiple banks for MSBs, and these accounts constant reconciliation. But this is a better problem vs having 5 days ACH settlements and fraudulent reversals.
Let me know if we can discuss this in more detail.
Here are my bearings, My time zone is GMT+7 (Thailand)
Thank you!
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