Customer search api returns nothing if we have a + in the email address

With our use case, one user with an email would have 2 different personas (verified and receive-only)
So, we have built our integration based on the assumption that we can use plus addressed email.
For example, if the email address of the user is, then our verified persona email address be and receive-only email is
Previously the customers? was working normally through which we identified the correct customer after creation.
Now, we are not able to identify the customer with customers?

Please let know if there are any updates around this.

Hi @gokul, thanks for reporting! This is currently an issue with the Customer Search feature that we are actively working on fixing. Customer emails with alias modifiers are currently not searchable via the Dashboard and the API. I’ll reach out to you here as soon as we have an update!

@shreya Could you please let us know the update on this ?

@shreya we are using customer search api to find out the “customer-id”, We also observed that when we create the customer we get the “location” header in the response which has the “customer-id”. Since we need the id only can we relay on this “location” header itself ?

Hi @Kavya_HL, We’re working on optimizing the Customer search functionality this Sprint I should have an update by the end of the sprint (in two weeks) if not sooner!

About retrieving the ID via the location header, yes you can rely on that method of extracting the Customer ID and any other resource ID upon creation. It is also the recommended practice for retrieving and storing Customer IDs.

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Any updates on search enhancements, especially that restrict to match email only?

When I search using /customers? (there is no customer with that email address), it finds the customer with name “George Michael” and email “

It’s not looking for the entire search term in any of the fields. Maybe it’s looking for the fields in the search term?

Hi @gfb107, yes – our team is currently testing the tweaked email search implementation, and the change is projected to be available to test with in Sandbox by the end of this week.

The behavior for the new email search will be as follows,

  1. An exact match of the email address (if it exists) will be returned at the top of the list of results.
  2. The rest of the results will be fuzzy search and return partials based on the search term.