Sandbox Customer Search by Name empty results

Hi All, I’m jut trying to confirm a behaviour. I believe that Dwolla does not index search fields on creation of new customers in the Sandbox. Eg I have created a new unverified customer all ok,I can retrieve by the UUID, and by email. However on a simple “name” search, I do not get results returned. I’m “assuming” that customer names are not indexed in the Sandbox as I can return the default pre-loaded customer of “Jane Model” in the search no problem, just not the customer I have created.

It’s not really a biggie, I default filter by email or ID anyhow, but I did want to confirm. The Dwolla support team didn’t know and directed me here, so any/all feedback welcome.

Hi @syngency, New customers should be indexed for search on creation. Do you have the Customer ID for the user you were attempting to search on?

Hi Spencer, I sure do “2c022523-a3d8-4015-bcbe-da4cd158631d” But, I tested again, and now I “am” getting the results back in the search? So I guess case closed. Thing is, I haven’t changed anything to retrieve/search results and now I can return my customer “Chad” account by name.

Thanks for confirming!

Sounds good, please feel free to reach out if you encounter issues again!