Sandbox Customer Search

Is the indexer in Sandbox running for Customers? I haven’t been able to get the dashboard or the API to return results when searching by name, but searching by ID does work. The email and status filters also work.


Related: does this API allow search via customer correlation ID? That would be nice!

Hi @Rich – we might have had a blip around the time you were testing the above. It seems to be working for me now. Would you be able to confirm if you’re still seeing the issue?

Searching for Customers with their correlation ID is not something that’s supported right now. We do have this feedback logged though! I’ll make sure to add your vote to it as well!

Nope, still doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked since I tried it mid last week… :frowning:

Thanks for confirming, @Rich! We’ve notified our developers and they’re taking a look. I’ll keep you posted.