Dwolla API always returns NotFound

I am able to get an Oauth token from dwolla’s production api just fine.
However, when I use the token to retrieve transfer details, I always receive a NotFound response.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @tofugrass , I’m not sure based on the screenshot provided what the root cause of the error could be, however I did find requests your app is making and it appears you’re appending %0A to the end of the ID which results in the 404s being returned. Would you be able to double check your request URL to make sure the transfer ID that’s being passed in is valid? I do see a valid request on 8/24, as shown below:

2021-08-24 11:01:38,383 | id=44332fb3-05e4-40e9-a062-c9908b84e0d1 | method=GET | statusCode=200 | url=http://api.dwolla.com/transfers/5c6d2f40-3402-ec11-8150-ba7c07b6ee8f | duration=29ms | userAgent=dwolla-v2-node 3.2.0 | requestStartTime=2021-08-24T11:01:38.353Z | cfRayId=683c157228cd1fcb-SJC'
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