The requested resource was not found for transfer

(SnapExit) #1

Hi. I have the following problem. I created a transfer and through the day requests information aboit it via api:

...get ""

And got error:

DwollaV2::NotFoundError: {“code”=>“NotFound”, “message”=>“The requested resource was not found.”}

further through the day requests information aboit it again and got correct response.

Why an error occurred on the first request?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

hmm, this is definitely odd behavior @SnapExit. Do you happen to have the transfer Id of the transfer you were experiencing issues retrieving?

(SnapExit) #3

Yes. Transfer url is

(SnapExit) #4

What about it?

(Spencer Hunter) #5

Sorry @SnapExit for the late reply. Edit: It looks like you were attempting to lookup the transaction using an access token of an account that didn’t have access to view that transaction information. You may used the wrong access token which is likely the cause of the 404.