Dwolla customer Balance error


I have created a transfer between the source and destination bank accounts of two Dwolla customers, and the transfer of funds is done successfully. But in the Dwolla Dashboard it shows 0 (Zero) available Balance of the Dwolla Customer, can u please explain why it is showing 0 balance in Dwolla Dashboard even after the successful transfer of funds?
Below is my Dwolla Customer id:


Please check the below screenshot for more details.

Following up on this thread. It appears that the latest transaction that was created (from your screenshot) was between two different bank accounts belonging to two different users. When a successful bank-to-bank transaction occurs, there should be a net zero balance. The only instance in this scenario where there would be a positive or negative balance would be when an ACH return occurs. Either an ACH return on the source or destination bank. Hope this information helps!

Thanks @spencer for your help