Dwolla IAV frame cropping off from bottom


I was following the documentation to add the bank account for the business verified customer using Dwolla + IAV. However, when I load the iFrame inside the application, the iFrame seems to be cropped off a little bit from the bottom which would be bad user experience. I tried to adjust the height from my application, however, it seems Dwolla overrides all the style values when the iFrame is loaded. Please have a look into it so that I can proceed ahead with a solution.

PFA the attached screenshot of the Dwolla iFrame cropped from bottom

Thanks and Regards

@bistasulove, do you have any more information on the styles you are attempting to apply to the iframe itself. I believe the container will need to be sized to fit the iframe and/or it would likely need to be scrollable. Is this a web or mobile app?

It is a web application. And no I have not given any styling to the container of the iframe. If I give the dimension also, it’s not working. I will try scrollable once. Thanks @spencer