Integrating Dwolla-iav on ionic iOS

Hi everyone, I’m implementing Dwolla-iav on my ionic app, and it’s work wonderfully when I build Android and Web apps, the problem is when I’m trying to open on my iOS app is rejecting the connection, display a sort of errors such as “Recipient has origin null.”, "Refused to display ‘https://www.dwolla…’ in a frame because it set ‘X-frame-options’ to ‘SAMEORIGIN’.

did you guys faced this error and solved it? or should I have to try another alternative such as in-app browser?

Thanks to everyone for your help and time.

Same random error here on a classic web app.
IAV is working fine the most often, but sometimes crashes with the same error than @msandovalroa

Note that the error occurs sometimes at the very beginning of the process, but sometimes at the very end, after selecting the account to attach.

Please help.

Hi @vince – The error you’re running into is probably due to some connection error with our bank verification provider and/or the bank that the user is trying to add.

Would you be able to share any example IDs of Customers who have run into the above error when adding a bank? We can usually find out what the issue is by taking a look at the logs. However, if the error is caused by an error with statusCode 500, then it’s hard to tell what the issue is in the iFrame, since the page isn’t communicating with the iFrame.