Dwolla.js support for microdeposits

I recently received a notification that Dwolla’s IAV provider will be down for maintenance. That’s all fine, but I noticed something else in the email:

However, your end users will be able to add and verify a bank account via microdeposits within dwolla.js.

It might just be a matter of misunderstanding the sentence, but it seems to imply that dwolla.js allows for verification of microdeposits. In my testing, I was able to configure it to allow initiation of microdeposit transfers but I could not find a way to configure it to allow verification of them. I had the impression that the verification UI would need to be custom built. Is this true or can dwolla.js handle that as well?

Hi @mike_reasi! Apologies for the confusion with the wording; your initial impression is correct.

Initiation of microdeposits can be done via dwolla.js, but the handling of microdeposits verification is not built in. Microdeposits must be verified via the API. This resource article provides more information on verification of microdeposits.

Please let us know if you come across any further questions!