Is there any screens available for micro deposit

(Prakruthi S) #1

Is there any screens available for further steps when I do micro deposit(please refer screenshot - after I click “Agree and continue button”). If it is available, how can I access those pages?

Thank you,

(Stephen Ausman) #2

Hey Prakruthee,

You can access those pages by entering the following fake bank credentials:

Routing #: 222222226
Account #: 1234512345

(Prakruthi S) #3

Thank you, @stephen. I’ll try to do that

(Prakruthi S) #4

Hi @stephen,

I have tried giving fake routing and bank account number but it takes me to normal flow of adding a funding source to already existing bank from the given list. Is any screen available, where can enter amounts to verify micro-deposit.

something like this

(Stephen Ausman) #5

Hey @Prakruthee,

Dwolla.js doesn’t currently support verifying the amounts for micro deposits. At the moment you can only initiate micro deposits via the IAV flow. The amounts can be verified through the API (see

(Prakruthi S) #6

Thanks for the reply @stephen