Micro deposits already initiated for this funding source

(Gaby) #1

Hi, I’m trying to verify micro deposits for a funding source. The deposits have been posted to the account successfully, and the verify-micro-deposits link is present for the funding source. However, I’m getting this error when I call the endpoint:

“{“code”:“MaxNumberOfResources”,“message”:“Micro deposits already initiated for this funding source.”}”

The funding source is currently unverified and I haven’t initiated micro deposits for it again. Not sure why I’m getting this error. Any ideas?

(Gaby) #2

@spencer, any ideas? I’m using this endpoint:

POST https://api.dwolla.com/funding-sources/[SOURCE-ID]/micro-deposits

(Spencer Hunter) #3

Hi @gaby, Is this in Dwolla’s sandbox environment? What are you including in the request body? Is it something similar to the example below?

    "amount1": {
        "value": "0.03",
        "currency": "USD"
    "amount2": {
        "value": "0.09",
        "currency": "USD"

(Gaby) #4

Hi @spencer, I’m doing this in production environment, and yes, the request body looks exactly like that but with different amount values.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

Thanks @gaby, Can you provide the funding source Id and I can take a closer look at your requests?

(Gaby) #6

Yep, sent you a DM

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