Initiate Micro Deposit


Currently I am working on allowing users to link a funding source to their “customer,” as of right now I send acct number, routing number, name, and account type to the POST{id}/funding-sources api end point. Will this automatically initiate micro deposits? or will I explicitly need to call the POST{id}/micro-deposits endpoint afterwards in order for the micro deposit flow to begin?

The reason I ask / have been confused is, Ive noticed when I send
acct number: 123456789
routing: 222222226
name: foo
type: Checking

my sandbox will indicate the micro deposit has been made and I need to verify

BUT if the request is anything but the above (specifically accout number) I need to make the initiate micro deposit call.

Thank you for clarifying!

Taylor Pasquariello

Hi @Pasquariello – when calling the funding-sources endpoint to create a funding-source, it will create an unverified funding-source. You’d have to initiate microdeposits separately.

As for that funding-source you posted that had microdeposits automatically initiated, would you be able to share the ID of that resource? I can take a look on my end to see if anything different occurred with adding that funding-source.

Thank you Shreya!
I actually realized my problem was that micro deposits were still in flight after removing a funding source, hence why they were ready to be verified after I readded a test funding source with the same account number.
But I do have another question that I dont quite understand. In the instance of a user failing to enter the correct micro deposit amount within 3 tries. the documentation says to remove the funding source, wait 48 hours before re adding the funding source and re initiating a micro deposit. Does this mean that inflight micro deposits for “too many attempts” failures take 48 hours to clear? After that 48 hours will a user be able in initiate a micro deposit for an account that has already hit its attempt limit?
if a user re adds a funding source that has already hit its micro deposit verification attempt limit is there a flag on the funding source that I can use to prevent users from adding a funding source again before the 48 hours is up?

Thank you

Hi Taylor –

To help clarify the 48 hours wait, if an unverified bank is added back within 48 hours after it was initially created then we’ll reactivate the existing funding source and recognize that micro-deposits have already been initiated, and so new MDs cannot be initiated to the same bank.

If the bank is added, microdeposits initiated, bank is removed, then the bank is added back after 48 hours then we’ll allow new microdeposits to be initiated and a new id will be generated.

I’m afraid there isn’t a flag that indicates the time from when the attempt limit was reached, but you should be able to calculate 48 hours from when you receive the customer_microdeposits_maxattempts webhook.

Hope that helps!