Dwolla Masspay API issue

(Samina Sadruddin) #1

Hi, I have been using dwolla massspay API for my business and during the last payout there were duplicate payments. This is not the first time this has happened. Dwolla support team mentioned last time that they will look into the issue and resolve it. I still have the same issue with my dwolla business account using masspay API. Can you help?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Samina_Sadruddin, We can definitely investigate what could be going on here. Can you provide the name of your created Dwolla application, as well as information on the MassPay such as Id or amount of the transactions within the Masspay that had issues? Also, were there multiple items within your created MassPay? Thanks!

(Samina Sadruddin) #3

Hi Spencer,
We have talked about this Masspay issue before. This is for REAMERGE (info@reamerge.com). There have been instances of duplicate masspay in the past. This time it was only one transaction (trans ID: 23394969). Please look into it and let me know.

(Samina Sadruddin) #4

Same issue took place today with mass pay API.

(Samina Sadruddin) #5

I have not been helped with this issue so far and it’s frustrating to have these duplicate transactions. Can someone please help?