Dwolla plaid integration with plaid development keys

Hi - I am getting 400 invalid token error from create funding source API


    "code": "ValidationError",

    "message": "Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.",

    "_embedded": {

        "errors": [


                "code": "Invalid",

                "message": "Plaid token is invalid.",

                "path": "/plaidToken",

                "_links": {}





As we know plaid allows real credentials for the development environment and we are trying plaid development with Dwolla production. Is there any way I can work with plaid development and Dwolla production together?

Hi @PriyanshuJain,

We do not support plaid’s development environment.

We recommend that if you are in production with Dwolla, you are also in production with Plaid, and if you are in Sandbox with Dwolla, you are also in Sandbox with Plaid

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