DwollaV2 List Transfers for Customer failing on query filter parameters

(PJ Caraher) #1


I am using the DwollaV2 api to fetch transfers. In the past, I have been able to use several of the specified query parameters to filter my list. As of today (2017-02-17) these previously working query parameters now fail.

For example, the following fetch with no query parameters:
returns several transfers (most of which have a creationDate of 2017-02-17)

However, when I try to get 10 days worth of transfers by running the following:
no transfers are returned.

Also note that this exact same logic previously worked a couple of days ago.

Has something changed?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @PJ_Caraher, Thank you for your post and for bringing this to our attention. It appears there was an issue on our end with searching on recent transfers. I was informed that it should now be fixed and moving forward your query should work when fetching recent transfers. Apologies for any inconvenience resulting from this issue.

(PJ Caraher) #3

@spencer Yes, everything is working fine now. Thanks much for your prompt response.