Dwolla 2 API account transfers extraction error


We are trying to get the account transfers for our account id. We are using dwollav2 python library for this.

As per documentation we can extract upto 10000 transfers for an account id for a given date range. While doing it we are getting an error that says only 200 transfers can be fetched.

For our problem statement we need all the transfers for the given date range (last one week). Please assist asap as it is for our critical business problem.

Attaching the screenshots of error and documentation below for your reference. Expecting a speedy resolution.

Hi @mayank_kaushik_TC – ah, apologies if that was confusing. The endpoint will only return 200 items (transfers) per call. You will then have to use the limit and offset query string params to traverse back to retrieve the 9,999th item. If you have more than 10,000 transfers, then you will need to further filter down the list by using startDate and endDate params.

Hi ,
thanks for your reply!
I am attaching two ss while I am trying using date parameters and offset also. it still raises an error.

Can you please help in resolving it. What am I doing wrong here and how the issue can be fixed so that I get all transfers of my account.

Please revert to email - mayank.kaushik@timesinternet.in for quick response


Hi @mayank_kaushik_TC – ah, Limit can have a max value of 200 transfer objects.

You can use the following param values to list the first 200 transfers:

limit = 200
offset = 0
startDate = 2022-01-01
endDate = 2021-02-16

It is then recommended to use the _links object in the response which includes the following relational links for paging.

  • next includes the URL to list the next set of Customers as defined by Limit
  • prev includes the URL to list the previous set of Customers as defined by Limit
  • first includes the URL to list the first set of Customers as defined by Limit
  • last includes the URL to list the last set of Customers as defined by Limit

Then to traverse to the next pagination (page 2):

limit = 200
offset = 200
startDate = 2022-01-01
endDate = 2021-02-16

(page 3)

limit = 200
offset = 400
startDate = 2022-01-01
endDate = 2021-02-16