API limitations for retrieving transfers


I’m developing a project where I should update transfer statuses using a scheduled job. I’m duplicating dwolla transfers in my database and updating their statuses using the scheduled job.

I can’t find any information neither in dwolla documentation nor in discussions here about any limitations for dwolla API usage. So could you please clarify if the dwolla API has any kind of limitation for API calls like “maximum number of API calls per minute” or something like that, because I would like to have optimal usage of dwolla API and not to call a job too frequently with small batches of transfers I want to update. For now I’m calling the API 10 times per a job to update 10 transfers status, but I’m not sure If I can call 100 or 1000 times

Hi @Nikita_Goncharov , We don’t currently have defined rate limits in our API, however it is something we are considering. Currently, the only TooManyRequests error you could receive would be on POSTs to /transfers (Creating a transfer) where the source is a balance funding source that belongs to a single Customer record.

With regards to updating transfer statuses, I would highly recommend setting up a webhook subscription for listening for events from Dwolla. If you’re sending ACH transactions, it can take up to 3-4 business days for the status to change on a created transfer. Instead of storing the Transfer resource URL on creation and polling the API on a schedule, you’d listen for events, then call off to the Dwolla API to retrieve the status and then update any internal status you have stored for a particular payment/transaction.