FundsTransfer using Dwolla Dashboard

In the api docs, it is mentioned to make an operation idempotent, especially initiate transfer operation. In our application, funds transfer is going to get initiated using Dwolla dashboard. Is there a risk of initiating transfer more than once due to the initiation using Dwolla dashboard ? Is initiating transfer operation from Dwolla dashboard idempotent ?

Hi @IshanM – if you’re creating transfers via the Dashboard, then I would recommend making sure that you only click the button that tiggers the transfers creation once. The transfer requests are idempotent in the sense that one click will only create one transfer. However, you create another transfer right away using thee same source and the same amount, the request will be treated ass unique and create a transfer.

If you do accidentally create an erroneous transfer, you can cancel it via the Dashboard anytime before the ACH export cut off time, which is approximately 4:00 pm CT every business day. After the transfer has exported, it can’t be canceled.

Hope that helps!