Unable to get the list of the transactions using API

Hi Team,

We are unable to get the list of transactions using API “https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/accounts/{id}/transfers” and receiving the bellow errors:
“code”: “InvalidScope”,
“message”: “Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint.”

Please help us to resolve this ASAP, since we need to move this to prodiuction this week


If all other calls are successful from your app, but only this endpoint is failing with that error, then it is likely that the account ID being supplied in the request belongs to a different Sandbox account than the one that you’re using the key and secret of.

If that isn’t the case, let me know and also share the Account Id so I can take closer look!

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Hi @shreya , thank you for the reply. Indeed you are right, I supplied the wrong account Id, I corrected it and it works. I have passed the funding source Id instead of accountId

Glad that helped! :slight_smile: Thanks for the update!

@shreya , is there anything that you can help with quickbooks integration?

Hi @BALAKRISHNA_REDDY – The integration works for pay-ins (Receive) and pay-outs (Send) funds flows. We take the transfer related events and push them to QB online. It puts all transactions as SALE-Invoice and Payment.

For a pay-ins transfer from a Customer’s bank to your Dwolla Account’s bank, there will be an invoice created with an open status. From here you could invoice the client or mark the invoice as paid.

For a pay-outs transfer from your Dwolla Account’s bank to a Customer bank, there will be a line-item marked as a payment.

Hope that helps!