Funding resource validation without creating customer's account on Dwolla

(Rashmi M Mhatre ) #1

Dwolla APIs are working very well so far. I am able to create account of customer on dwolla as well as able to associate funding resources. But I am curious to know whether is it possible to validate funding resource without actually creating customer account on dwolla as in our case we are providing mass payment at admin side which is pretty obvious but the thing is admin is getting errros(example, Routing number should be 9 characters long or account number should be 4 or more characters) while adding funding resource to customer account, it will be nice if we can use existing dwolla api to validate funding resource of customer at client side so that admin does not have to worry about wrong funding resource input. Any thoughts?

I already had a thought of adding funding resource at client side only as soon as any customer adds/updates his/her funding resource but this will mostly create junk users unnecessarily.

Or can you please share how you validate account numbers and routing numbers?

Thanks in advance.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Rashmi_M_Mhatre, The best way to ensure a good connection with a bank before a payment is made is to go through funding source verification via the API. There are two methods for verifying bank account ownership.1) Instant account Verification - Using a client side library dwolla.js, you would send your users through a flow where they’d connect their bank using their online bank credentials. 2) Micro-deposit verification - After attaching a bank to a Customer, you’ll call the API to initiate micro-deposits. Those micro-deposits will then either complete or fail to the bank account in 1-2 business days. If they complete successfully, the user will then verify those two amounts within your app.

Regardless of which method of verification you choose, you will always need to create a Customer object in the API prior to adding any bank account.

(Rashmi M Mhatre ) #3

Okay, thank you so much for your answer. It is important for us. So conclusion is no bank validation process is possible without adding customers to Dwolla first.