Getting certify-beneficial-ownership link for certified status as well

Hi Team,

I am facing issue for link “certify-beneficial-ownership”.
I am calling function CertifyBeneficialOwnershipAsync with end point ->/customers/{customerId}/beneficial-ownership.
Getting “Cerified” as a response.

After that immediately, I am trying to get links for a customer from endpoint ->/customers/{customerId}
In that link section, I am again getting link “certify-beneficial-ownership” again, which should not be a case.
This is when I am trying to create a beneficial owner with Document status as first name,
After successful upload, I am calling CertifyBeneficialOwnershipAsync function.
Can you please help me here?

Hi @Nikita_Business – would you be able to share the Customer ID for us to take a closer look? Also, if you have the X-Request-Id of the API request that would also be helpful!

Hi Shreya,
Thank you for your response.
I do not have X-Request-Id,
But I can share you customerId →

Thanks Nikita, that works!

I am able to confirm what you are seeing. I’ve shared this with our dev team to get further insight into why this is occurring.


Hey @Nikita_Business – it appears that there were subsequent POST request to certify the beneficial-ownership after the initial certification. Currently, this negates the previous certification and sets them back to recertify. So, I’d recommend implementing logic that only calls the /certify endpoint once and if there is a certify-beneficial-ownership link present.

We have logged a ticket on our end to update this behavior.