Getting server error

Hey @shreya I am getting server error from Dwolla whenever I try to access a particular customer in the interface please help.

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Hey, same for me, I am trying to create a customer using the API with the sandbox env and I getting server error.

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That issue was fixed but now I am facing different issue whenever I login into my sandbox account it logs me out immediately, please help we need to move towards staging for our application please fix this. @shreya
message :- β€œThe owner of this website ( has banned you temporarily from accessing this website.”
Ray id :- 6f4738a3cdf48581

Hi @Ankit – were you able to login eventually? Is your Sandbox account under the same email you used here?

Yes, the email is same and I was able to login and I understood the problem so I was working on a scheduler and for testing that I was changing time in my pc and whenenver I try logging in with incorrect time the website just logs me out immediately after logging in, as my session for using the website was getting expired immediately.

Thanks for the update, Ankit!

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