Holding transfer for later date

(Mass Venture) #1

Is there the equivalent in the transfer api to reserve an amount for a later transfer.

User flow would be I want to do this when it’s ready. “Reserve this amount” then have it transferred at a later date?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@MassVenture, Are you referring to something like an ACH debit authorization ?

(Mass Venture) #3


We just want to take the user input for transfer and then have it transfer at a later date.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@MassVenture, This sounds like a scheduled transfer which is allowed with our API. Be sure to follow the requirements as outlined in section 4.4 in our developer TOS.

If the transaction will involve a variable amount being pulled at a variable date in the future then this requires a specific ACH authorization you must obtain from the user which is only available via our Access API.