Request to enable on-demand transfer authorizations for sandbox app

Could I please get on-demand transfer authorizations enabled for my sandbox app “DonoHub.” I realize it’s a premium feature I’ll have to consult a sales rep to enable for production use. Thanks in advance.

Hi Abe! Looks like it’s already turned on for your application. Let me know if you’re seeing otherwise!

Oh, great! I hadn’t tested it yet, just wanted to make sure it was on before the three-day weekend. Thanks Shreya.

Got it. Have a great weekend, Abe!

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Hello @shreya Can you please tell me how this works do we need to initiate transfer every time after schedule or dwolla will do that for us?

Hi @Hanish_k – Dwolla’s API doesn’t have any scheduling functionality, you’d have to build that out on your end.

The On-Demand Authorization is actually authorization tied to funding-sources that you can collect from your end-users which allows them to authorize Dwolla to transfer variable amounts from their bank account using ACH at a later point in time for products or services delivered. This on-demand authorization is supplied along with the Customer’s bank details when creating a new Customer funding source.

You can find more information in our docs - Dwolla API docs. Let me know if you come across any questions!