Transferring funds between a customer's checking account and balance

Is it possible to transfer between a customer’s checking account and her balance? I don’t seem to be able to do that in the console and I am reticent to start writing code if I don’t know for sure.


Hi @Hadil_Sabbagh, since Customers(end-users) would need to approve any outgoing transfers, the functionality to create transfers from Customer accounts is not available in the Dashboard. You can still create outgoing transfers from a Customer’s funding-sources via the API, including a transfer between a Customer’s checking account and her balance.

Alternatively, you can send funds to your Customers from your Master Account via the Dashboard since they won’t need to approve incoming transfers.

I hope that helped answer your question! Please let me know if I can help clarify further, or answer any questions!

Hi @shreya. Thanks for your response. How does the Customer approve an outgoing transfer using the API?


You’re welcome! What I meant by approval was that the Customer would need to have the option to initiate a transfer by themselves. If your use case includes automatic billing, or on-demand transfers originating from the Customer’s account, then you would have to get prior authorization from the Customer for any future transfers that may be initiated from their account on their behalf. To get the authorization, you would call this end-point when creating the Customer,


What is the flow for Plaid+Dwolla to obtain on-demand authorization for a Customer exactly?


Hi @Hadil_Sabbagh,

The on-demand language would be presented before the Plaid flow by calling the on-demand auth endpoint. Then, you would call the funding-sources endpoint using a plaid processor token as well as the on-demand auth. Here’s an example request body:

    "_links": {
    "on-demand-authorization": {
      "href": ""
    "plaidToken": "processor-sandbox-161c86dd-d470-47e9-a741-d381c2b2cb6f",
    "name": "Jane Doe's Checking account

Let me know if you have any questions!