How get reviewed status for beneficial document

Hi everyone!
Have a question about sandbox mode.
How can I upload the document for beneficial and get status not “pending” for this document?

Hi @Vladislav_Skliar!

You can use our Create a document for a beneficial owner end point found in the documents folder of our Postman collection. You can also refer to our developer docs for additional info on this.

Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions!

I don’t understand how can I upload a document for beneficial and this document will have status reviewed(right now status always pending in sandbox mode).

In docs, I didn’t find this info
Right now, I can create customer, beneficial, and upload doc for beneficial. But this doc is always pending. As a result, this customer have not verified beneficials. As a result, I can`t create transfer with this sender.

Hi @Vladislav_Skliar , I would recommend referencing the Testing in the Sandbox guide which includes a section on how to simulate various statuses in Sandbox. There should be test images you can download that can be used to simulate either document approved or rejected events.

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