Document upload for customer


I am testing the document upload in the sandbox, document status still shows “pending” even after I upload the success image present in the

Could you please confirm, how long it takes usually to change the status to “reviewed”.

Thanks & Regards,
Kavya H L

Hi @Kavya_HL, In Sandbox, it should change the status to reviewed after the test “document approved” image is uploaded. Can you send us the Customer ID of the user you attempted to upload this document for? This will help us lookup the Customer to see what may have went wrong. Out of curiosity, was the account verified and the document approved?

Hi @spencer ,
Customer id of the user is : 61f571d1-d46f-4cc0-baeb-dfd46227e821 .
No the user was not verified , user was created by giving the firstname as ‘document’ to verify the document upload flow.

Thanks & Regards,
Kavya H L

Hi @Kavya_HL! Thanks for posting the Customer Id!

We have identified an issue with our service that’s tasked with auto-verifying documents uploaded for Controllers of Business Verified Customers. Currently, the sample approved document for Controllers isn’t being being verified automatically. Our team is looking into a fix for the issue right now – I’ll keep you updated!

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Hi @Kavya_HL, the fix has been rolled out!

Please give the Document upload a try again and let us know if you run into any issues!

P.S. The Customer mentioned above with the ID 61f571d1-d46f-4cc0-baeb-dfd46227e821 has been verified.

Hi @shreya,

Now I m able to upload the document and verify the customer in sandbox.

Kavya H L

Awesome! Thanks for checking and letting us know! :slight_smile: