Document upload status handle

(Prakash S L) #1

I uploaded document to dwolla with document upload API and i can able to fetch the created document with pending status.
How can i change the document status from pending?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @prakash, The only events you are unable to test at this time in the Sandbox are customer_verification_document_approved and customer_verification_document_failed. Within the next few weeks we’re working on providing a way in the Sandbox for your app to simulate these events. In the meantime, feel free to message me the customer id and I can assist. :slight_smile:

(Darryl Stefan Fernandez (Darryldecode)) #3

Hello, are we able to test now to simulate a document failed or declined? If so, where can I find the documentation? Thank you.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hi @Darryl_Stefan_Fernan, Test images can be found in the developer documentation here for simulating document approved and failed events. Let us know if you run into issues with testing these events!