Document sandbox

Hey, I am testing the document upload functionality in sandbox but I am only able to create users with a status of pending, how to verify the customer in sandbox?

Hi @ankit – once you create a Customer in a document status, you can upload our Sample Approved image to automatically verify the customer.

@shreya thank you so much for that! :smiley:

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When I uploaded the sample identity image, I received an error in reply: {"code":"InvalidResourceState","message":"Resource cannot be modified."}
Do you know if that’s a correct outcome in the sandbox environment? I’m just trying to run the sample code shown in this README here: GitHub - Dwolla/dwolla-v2-node: Official Node Wrapper for Dwolla's API:

Hi @Tommya – do you have the Customer Id handy? It sounds like the Customer is not in a status that supports making any modifications to the resource. For example, attempting to update the email address of the account while it is in document status.

It’s b9118b12-48f0-492a-b762-2eeb85de2133

Ahh, looks like this is an Unverified Customer type. Only Verified Customer types are able to accept documents for verification - Customer Types | Dwolla API Documentation