Handling Document status in sandbox

Hey @shreya I am working on business verification flow in this flow I am currently working on document verification flow and I wanted to ask how can I create different kinds of scenarios for document statuses like verify-with-document, verify-business-with-document, verify-controller-and-business-with-document, upload-dba-document and also handling different states of document verification document accepted document rejected document review pending.

Hi @Ankit!

Here’s our documentation for simulating the different identity verification statuses for a Customer.

Further below you’ll also find the sample documents you can upload to simulate approval and rejection of the documents.

The upload-dba-document however cannot be stimulated in Sandbox. We would need to manually trigger that event/link. Just let us know the Customer ID and we can trigger that for you!

here is the customer Id please trigger it.

@Ankit , this action should be triggered for this Customer in Sandbox. Let me know if you’re able to see that link now