Customer status not updating in Sandbox

Hi :wave:,

Its been 2-3 days but customers’ document status is not updated in sandbox?

customer ID: f493128a-c81c-4a0a-ad29-cf21fb2271ec
customer ID: 61bc5d71-2a57-4ae2-8741-8855656d4b15


Hi there!

If you’re wanting to update a customer’s status via our API, you’ll need to upload one of two predefined images: one to simulate approved, and the other to simulate failed. Those images and more information can be found on our developer documentation page.

Otherwise, if you’d like me to manually update those customers to verified, please let me know, and I’d be happy to do that as well.

Hope this helps!

Hi James,

I’ve used that images but the status is not updated yet.

It was working fine before but it currently its not verifying customers.

Hi @maulik – it looks like the docs may have been impacted by a minor issue we had in Sandbox with document verification on 02/27/2023. Our dev team identified and fixed the issue, however some docs uploaded at that time are still pending verification. Apologies for the inconvenience! I’ve manually verified the docs for the Customers shared above for the timebeing.

Newer docs and Customer should be verified as expected. Please let us know if you’re seeing otherwise! :slight_smile:

Hi @shreya

I’ve created new customer with document status but it status still not updating.

Customer ID: a4d79d20-8383-4ba8-8875-c19ee601b027

Thanks for the ID @maulik!

It appears that the document might have been manipulated before upload which messes with our automated document validation check.

The original sample doc has a size of 3,453 bytes.
The one uploaded was 6,605 bytes.

I’d check to see what’s manipulating the size of the sample docs. While this shouldn’t be a problem in Production, it does affect auto-validation of docs in Sandbox.