How to add multiple Businesses entities that have the same Account Administrator?

My use case often has the same account administrator for many separate business entities. When trying to add a new business entity, I am having an issue where a new customer (which has a different EIN, Beneficial Owners, etc.) can not be added because the email address of the account administrator is the same. How should I go about handling this?

Hi @jmtichell – thanks for posting! Ah, yes, we do treat the email as a unique constraint. While having multiple customers with the same email address isn’t supported as of now, we’d be happy to log this as feedback for our Product team, as we do have a few other Clients who have requested this change as well!

As a workaround for now, you could explore adding an alias to the end of the User’s email address to create a second(nth) Customer account for them. This allows Dwolla to to treat these email addresses as unique, while still redirecting all email notifications to the original email.

For example:

Hope that helps! Let us know if you come across any questions!

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Thank you @shreya. I’m not familiar with email aliases - are the examples you gave, +business1, +business2 universal or specific to a provider such as gmail?

Also, do the sandbox (or live) accounts send an email to the admin account upon creation?

As far as I know, email aliases are supported by Gmail and Outlook, but it may not be supported universally.

To answer your second questions, yes – emails (aka Operational Notifications) are automatically sent to Unverified and Verified Customer accounts upon creation, and upon various actions that occur in their Dwolla Customer account. You can find more information in our docs on Operational Notifications.
I would like to also note that, while this setting is automatically turned on for your Live account, we’d have to manually turn it on for your Sandbox account if you’d like to test with it.

Let us know if you’d like it turned on for you Sandbox account! We’d just need the email address you signed up with (or any Dwolla ID related to your Sandbox account), and the the information you’d like to supply for the email templates (found here).

I"m in the process of implementing a solution for this, and I was wondering what Dwolla’s recommended way to handle errors from responses are. For example, if I am submitting a new customer and I have this error, the duplicate email, how should I handle the response on the Python/server side?

customer ='customers', request_body)
*** dwollav2.error.ValidationError: {
       "message":"Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.",
       "_embedded":{"errors":[{"code":"Duplicate","message":"A customer with the specified email already exists.","path":"/email",

I have tried to handle it like so, but the except block isn’t catching this as a ValidationError:
customer =‘customers’, request_body)
except ValidationError as e:
return HttpResponse(status=403, reason_phrase=e.message)

Hi @jmtichell – here’s a list of all possible errors in the Python SDK and some sample code on error handling that might be helpful!