How to setup the Operational Notifications

Hi Dwolla team,

How to setup the Operational Notifications in production, i didn’t found any page that can setup the Operational Notifications in the dashboard, this is confused me.


Hey @codeHaoHao
This will depend on if you are an Admin or a Subuser in the Dashboard

If you are an Admin, you can navigate to the Application page and click to the Email Settings link.

If you are a Subuser, you will need to make sure your Admin has granted you Account Info - Edit permissions.

If you have this permission enabled, you can then navigate to the applications page and click the email settings link.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thank you for replying. I have one more question.
What about the content of email template, could i configure them? The current email content will confuse our customers.

Hi @codeHaoHaohere’s a table of fields that are customizable for Operational Notifications. However, I’m afraid the content of the email itself isn’t customizable. We do provide the option to opt out of our operational notifications if you set up your own custom emails after being vetted by Dwolla. Let us know at if that’s the route you would want to go!