Invalid funding source

I am trying to make a transfer from an unverified customer to a verified business. when i make the transfer i get a “invalid funding source” error. this is in the sandbox and the funding source on the business is marked as unverified and i dont see a way to verify it in the sandbox. please advise

Hi @Simon – yes, that error is thrown because the sender’s bank needs to be verified.

There are a few different ways to verify banks which are detailed here in our documentation - Bank Funding Source | Dwolla API Documentation

One way you can get the existing funding-source verified is by using microdeposits. You can find more details in this guide - Micro Deposit Verification | Dwolla API Documentation

Let us know if you come across any questions!

and this can be done in the sandbox?

Yes! This can be done Sandbox!

without using a real bank account? can you please walk me through it?

Sure thing! You can supply any fake account number with a routing number of 222222226 to add a bank account that is considered valid in Sandbox. We strongly recommend against using real bank account info in Sandbox.

Also, please check out our Sandbox guide for more information on simulating specific scenarios - Getting started in the sandbox | Dwolla API Documentation

the docs should be more explicit about this routing number being the way to get a verified funding source…

Hi @Simon – this is actually not a way to get a funding-source verified, but rather just an arbitrary Routing number that passes the checksum. You can also supply any US ACH routing number to satisfy that check in order to create a funding-source. As for creating a “verified” funding-source, you will either have to use Microdeposits, or Plaid.

… I see. So how does one get a verified funding source in the sandbox if one is using a fake bank account that won’t be able to do the micro deposits?

Microdeposits can be simulated in the Sandbox. This is explained in more detail in our Sandbox guide. Please check it out - Getting started in the sandbox | Dwolla API Documentation