Is it possible transfer funds from label to available balance of customer?


I want to know if it’s possible to move funds from label to avaliable account, for example:

I have 1 customer with 1 label, the label has 350.00 dollares and funding source has : total balance: 390.00 dollars
available balance: 40.00 dollares

how can I move from those 350.00 dollares to available balance and it is increase the 40 dollars?

Sorry for the delay in response! I want to follow up on this thread in case there are others interested in knowing if this is possible.

In order to have more funds available in the Verified Customer record’s available balance, you’ll first need to decrement a labeled amount by the amount you wish to increase the balance by. That will free up more funds to either transfer (POST /transfers) or allocate to a new Label. Reference our docs for more information on creating a negative Label Ledger entry.