Issues migrating my MFA code to a different authenticator app

I’m trying to switch from one authenticator app to another which requires me to turn off MFA for my Dwolla account and scan a new QR Code on the new app. Unfortunately, when I go to my account profile, choose “Security,” and click on “Change MFA Method” and choose “Use a third-party app” it doesn’t provide me with any QR codes or anything to scan. Instead, it asks for my password and then a MFA (which works if I enter it from the old app)–and that’s it. It’s not letting me change my MFA method! I also tried changing it to email method but it never sent me an email with a code and the workflow was identical to the one described earlier (not working).

Hi Alex!

You should be able to switch over to email MFA and then back to using an authenticator app. However, it looks like you ran into an issue with not getting emailed a code.

Were you eventually able to change the MFA method? If not, would you be able to share any Dwolla ID related to your account so that I can look it up? A Customer ID or a funding-source ID will do!

Hi Shreya unfortunately, switching to email authentication does not work.