Knowledge Base authentication-kba error: The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource

In the sandbox APIs of KBA, I am putting the right value of verified personal customer but it shows the error of “The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource”.
kindly guide me in this regard.

Hi @Sibqo – we’ve enabled your Sandbox account under
with the settings to test KBA. I will update you once we get Cards enabled as well!

One thing to note would be that these are both premium features and would need further approvals from the Dwolla team to enable in Production.

Hi Shreya!
Thank you so much for enabling KBA sandbox apis. But i am still having
error of:
“code”: “InvalidVersion”,
“message”: “Missing or invalid API version.”

even i am using the url:

which is correct according to Dwolla documentation.
Kindly help me in this regard.

Hi @Sibqo

The error message is saying that the API version you are using is either missing or invalid. Are you using your sandbox key + secret while testing, and making sure that your environment is explicitly stated as “sandbox”?

What version of the API are you using? Is the Dwolla Client being imported, and was it installed? If testing in the postman collection, did you select “Dwolla API Sandbox” as the environment?

@shreya need KBA enabling for my sandbox account. what needed from my side ?

Hi @ajay.netset – we just need and ID from your Sandbox Account. Perhaps your Account number that you can pull by calling the /root endpoint. Or you can DM us your Sandbox account email as well!

email for sandbox:

Thanks, @ajay.netset ! You should be set!

Hi Shreya,
I am subscribed to webhook, but receiving empty POST data.
Below is URL of webhook from dwolla.

Hi @ajay.netset

This is the expected behavior for that request. After your application has an active webhook subscription, all Events relevant to your integration will trigger a webhook notification each time they occur. Below is an article for more info on webhooks

Hi, i see that dwolla handles verification of customers. But can I self
verify customers with their uploaded documents using my admin panel. let
me know about this. my profile: Profile - ajay.netset - Dwolla Community Support

Also let me know if business account can function without a beneficial
owner. because I want my app user to be hassle free.

Hi @ajay.netset

Dwolla manually reviews all documents and is responsible for verification of end users along side LexisNexis. In order to remain complaint, Clients do not conduct verifications on their own.

For more information on the verification process, feel free to check out the FAQ and The Guide to the Customer Identification Program (CIP) with Dwolla article.

There are only a few types of business verified customers that are exempt from beneficial ownership. You can find a list of them in the Business Verified Customer Quick Guide