Match a mass payment with it's source transaction from webhooks

(Ben) #1

Right now when I create a mass payment I get a webhook for each item’s transaction, along with the initial transaction from the funding source for the full amount of the mass payment. From what I can see I can’t reliably match the initial transaction to it’s mass payment from any of the fields/links on either the mass payment or the initial transaction. On my webhooks it looks like I’m getting notified about a transaction that I forgot to record earlier or my db forgot about, possibly indicating an issue with my implementation.
Is it possible to add some data to any of the webhook events, the mass payment, or the initial transaction to link a mass payment with it’s initial transaction?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @fiversdeveloper, That is a good observation and unfortunately something that is not currently there in the API. I’ll pass this along to our Product team for consideration. We should be able to add some data to either the source bank transfer that points to the mass payment or vice versa. This would make it easier to correlate the mass payment to the transaction that funded the disbursement. Thanks for the feedback!