Not able o transfer between customers wallet to wallet and bank account to bank account in sandbox

Below are the details of my sandbox customers and funding resource:

Both customers are personal verified customers and also both have added verified bank accounts.

Even I am not able to transfer between bank account to bank account transfer.

Error - Receiver cannot receive from sender due to incompatible holdings.

Please help here. Thanks.

Hi @sanjay-cygnet ā€“ it appears that your Sandbox account was updated with settings to enable you to test with VANs since 6/22/2022. In doing so the account was moved to a new holdings location to support VANs. As such the Customers that were previously created are still in the old holdings location and cannot transact with newer Customers.

To continue testing, you can do one of the following:

  1. Only test with newer Customers that were created after 6/22.
  2. Migrate the previously created customers to the new holdings location so they can transact with other customers and can also utilize VANs.

Let me know if you do not have the docs that go over how to migrate customers, and I can share them with you!

Hi @shreya Thanks for reaching out to me. As I have created new customer and trying to transact and still get same errors. Let me delete all customers and try another time.

But one query, If I am trying to transact from master account balance to new customer, at this time also getting same error.

Please have a suggestion from you.

Hi @sanjay-cygnet ā€“ do you have the x-request-id header value of the request that failed? From our logs Iā€™m seeing the requests that failed are either to the bank or balance of this Customer (e955e9e4-2445-4e03-bdb2-15dfce40e26a) which is still in the old holdings location due to having been created before the switch to VANs.