Not Able to see added IAV funding source

Hey there,
I want to create multiple funding sources per user. User can add funding source while proceed to pay. And If he had already added funding source he can choose from it as well as add new one.
Environment: SANDBOX
I am having issue retrieving added funding source in IAV flow. I am able to create IAV funding source and get the funding source link as well in response. But when I try to fetch customers funding source, I am not able to see added funding source. I am not even seeing the funding source on dashboard.

Also Deeper investigation I found that every time I create IAV account I am having same funding source id for savings and checkings account respectively.

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Hi @pooja_patel – thanks for posting!

Are you able to share the funding-source ID and any dashboard screenshots or code you can share for trying to retrieving the funding-source?

Each funding-source ID should be unique across the platform. Would you be able to share the IDs of the checking and savings accounts created via IAV?


Sure @shreya :
CHECKING: 63755b53-8070-4536-9668-8482263ea5ac
SAVINGS: abaa9a98-6419-406e-b369-9654a767151d

I am using javascript library to complete IAV flow. To generate IAV token, I am using customer id. After successfully submitted request, I try to fetch all funding sources by customer id. Here is the code snippet for IAV flow:

function getFundingSourceFromIAV(iavToken) {
        var config = {
            container: 'iavContainer',
            stylesheets: [
            microDeposits: false,
            fallbackToMicroDeposits: true,
            subscriber: ({ currentPage, error }) => {
                console.log("currentPage:", currentPage, "error:", JSON.stringify(error));
        dwolla.iav.start(iavToken, config, function(err, res) {
            if(err) {
                console.log('Error creating IAV funding source', err.message, 'with code', err.code);
                return false
            var fundingSource = res._links['funding-source'].href;

After this on next API call I am fetching funding sources by customerId:

            $fundingSources = $this->fsApi->getCustomerFundingSources($customerId);
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Thanks for posting the IDs!

So those funding-source IDs are in fact different from each other. Did you perhaps mean some other ID that’s shared between them? I couldn’t find anything on my end.

Also, what response are you getting from the API when you make the following call?

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@shreya the issue issue when I try to create another Checking pr saving account.

Ah gotcha! So, while in Production each unique bank would have it’s own funding-source ID, in Sandbox IAV all checking accounts have the same Routing//Account number. The same stands for savings accounts. So when you attempt to add another checking account to the same Customer, it points back to the previously added checking account. This also mimics Production behaviour in which attempting to add an existing bank account again will point back to the funding-source that’s already attached.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

Ohh, got it @shreya . Thanks for the clarification :sparkling_heart:

You bet! :slight_smile:

@shreya Hello again,

just want to know if I can get card number from funding source details?

I am using an API for retrieving funding source but not getting details for card number

Hi @pooja_patel , We do not return any debit card details from the Dwolla API. Therefore, if this is something your app needs then you’d need to capture those details prior to them getting submitted via the card form.