Plaid & Apto - Unverified Funding Source

My team and I are trying to connect our users’ deposit accounts via Plaid & Dwolla to external accounts. The originating account that our users are trying to connect external accounts to is with Apto, however since Apto does not have an integration directly with Plaid, Dwolla sees these accounts as unverified funding sources since the VAN is not being sent to Dwolla through Plaid.

This results in micro-verification taking place. Our goal is to set up IAV to make this connection process as seamless and quick as possible. Is there any direction here as to how we can send the VAN through Plaid to Dwolla, or any other solution here?

Thanks! - @shreya

Hi @alexsim – Is Plaid able to verify the Virtual Bank account held at Apto, but just not able to send us the Virtual Account and Routing numbers associated with it? If that’s the case, then we could still have an IAV route that you can take. The process involves getting approval from the Dwolla team to toggle a setting on our end; this will enable you to send the Account/Routing numbers of a bank to us via the API to create a “Verified” funding source. We will trust that you have verified the bank account via Plaid, so we skip the “Unverified” status for the funding source and mark it as verified upon initial creation.

Let me know if this sounds good, or if my understanding is off! :slight_smile:

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Hi @shreya that is precisely it. We can directly route that information (Account/Routing Numbers) to Dwolla. I would love to move forward with your team to set this up!

That sounds good!

Before heading that direct, I did circle back internally on past conversations regarding this issue and I’d like to confirm a few things. Are you using Plaid to verify just the external accounts you would like to connect to your users’ Apto VAN? Are you able to verify the Apto VAN via Plaid Link as well?

If it is in your flow that the users verify their Apto VAN via Plaid Link, then we have a direct integration with Plaid which will let you generate a Plaid processor token for that account and send us that token to create a verified funding source. This integration is available to you right now without needing any approvals from our team!

Alternatively, if you don’t need your users go through Plaid Link to connect their Apto VAN (i.e. you have access to their VAN Account/Routing numbers already and wouldn’t want to have them go through Plaid link again) then we can pursue the initial recommendation I made above!

Please let me know if that’s not the case or if you have any questions!

Yep - just confirmed with my team, we already have access to our users’ Apto VAN Account/Routing Numbers, and we don’t have them go through the flow of Plaid to verify. We only have them use Plaid link to verify external accounts. I think that the initial recommendation works best for our flow!

Sounds good! Thanks for confirming. I’ll let our support team know; they will be able to guide you through approvals and get that account setting enabled.

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Wonderful. Thank you very much for your help!

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