Plaid Processor Token Account or customer restricted

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I am trying to initiate a transfer between 2 Plaid accounts.
I have a verified source and a verified target funding sources.
When I try to initiate transfer I get the following:
Account or customer restricted


Hi @Corrie – would you be able to post the Customer ID here? It sounds like the Customer may not be in a fully verified state.

Hi There

Thank you for the reply.
Herewith the Customer Id : 58f7b28b-4a40-49d8-b0d6-cd3ccf8af39c
I see now that it is unverified. My understanding was that the customer doesn’t need verification if it has the Plaid Processor Token?
Can we verify the customer with the Plaid Token?

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Thanks for the ID!

Verification of a Customer is separate from the verification of a bank funding-source.

Customer verification is required for at least one party in a transfer between two users.
Bank verification is required in order to debit a bank account. An unverified funding-source can still receive funds, but would have to be verified if you’re sending funds from this account.

Here’s a helpful guide which walks you through the process of creating a transfer between two users -

Hope that helps! Let us know if you come across any questions!